Monday, 2 July 2012

In the Theme Park: Disruptive Properties of Pink

“What we know on a rational cerebral level is not what we know on an emotional, corporeal level”  
Tamsin Lorraine. Experiments in Visceral Philosophy

‘…In the ThemePark... is an experimental series of real-world talks. Loosely curated, freewheeling conversations sparked by speaker specific postcards, In the ThemePark... is ideology free. It is not primarily about making money. It is not a manifesto. Held in small, intimate settings, five speakers are selected on the basis of their ability to provoke and inspire; members of the audience are hand-picked for their unwillingness to accept anything at face value; and the ensuing crowd-conversation is designed to create a springboard for further themes…’

On 20th June ThemePark ran the first of its real-world talks. Five speakers were invited to talk or comment on the above image or on any other topic for that matter. The Pink Investigator was one of the five speakers and a taste of the evening's thoughts can be experienced in the ThemePark.

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