Monday, 15 June 2015

Sharing Romance (Casablanca 'bits'), 2003

I re.discovered "Sharing Romance" recently while trawling through some old files. I believe it is still relevant in the pinkest sense.

Sharing Romance (Casablanca 'bits'), 2003 by Lisa Z. Morgan

“Sharing Romance (Casablanca 'bits)” is a visual pattern generated by the movie Casablanca as it was experienced by 1,500 people around the world on one day in 2003. The sequence demonstrates how the download of Casablanca caught and entered one part of the movie and mapped the copying that took place by accessing ‘bits’ of the film as it was shared. As each piece was copied, it became possible for others to access immediately that section of the download. Thus the behavior is likened to a swarm. In this space/place ‘ownership’ no longer exists and has neither use nor meaning.
The original film of Casablanca took 8 hours to download but this 'film' maps the first 10 minutes of the download and is then time lapsed down to a minute and a half. The fluttering/flickering pink-ness becomes far more prominent in real time.

Monday, 1 June 2015

DESIRE in June

DESIRE by The Laboratory Arts Collective will be published towards the end of June. Stills from the film "Spinning" may well be included.............

Spinning, 2001 by Lisa Z. Morgan. 16mm film

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