Thursday, 20 August 2015

Clay Ball Contract (Temporal Marriage), 2015

Encased within the walls of the clay ball to the right is a tress of hair from one woman. Encased within the walls of the clay ball to the left is a tress of hair from one man.

Clay Ball Contract (Temporal Marriage) by Lisa Z. Morgan, 2015. Clay, hair. 1.75 x 4.5 x 1. 75 ins

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Tumbleweed (as witness), 2015.

Tumbleweed is a process piece that bares witness to a relationship. Intermittently and over very many months, the silk mohair is crocheted and intertwined with human hair.  The hair from one man; head hair, facial hair, underarm hair, pubic and chest hair along with the hair from one woman; head hair, underarm and pubic hair. Initially all of the hairs, whether curly, straight, smooth, short or wiry were capriciously combined and interlaced into the mix. But as time passed and the process went on, the silk mohair would/could only tangle with the hairs of the woman.

Tumbleweed (as witness) detail, 2015 by Lisa Z. Morgan. Silk mohair,
head hair, pubic hair, chest hair, underarm hair, facial hair

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Lisa Z. Morgan is an artist, designer and writer. The subject and object of desire has been a palpable constant within her artistic expression both as a motivation and in its embodiment or articulation. Through her creativity and research Morgan examines how the value of provenance, of rarity and storytelling, puts into question or provokes our understanding and relationship towards desire and the desire impulse. Her focus has been how we may access, stimulate and touch the internal points of registration or the emotional dynamics of bodily perception. In essence she attempts to define and make manifest the feeling of feeling. Her work inhabits a space where art, semiotics, design and fashion intersect. Morgan is the Co-Founder of STRUMPET & PINK and the Co-Founder of The Lavender Hinge. She is the author and creative editor of Design Behind Desire and also a contributor to SHOWstudio and The Laboratory Arts Collective.