Friday, 28 July 2017

Attention Lab: The Order of The Third Bird

Delighted to be heading to Mildred's Lane to participate in Attention Lab: The Order of The Third Bird. "The Attention Lab is part guerilla seminar and part meditative and kinetic practicum. A discipline of the senses is pursued."

Thursday, 6 July 2017

RISD Apparel

Looking forward to teaching in the Apparel department at RISD in the fall. I'll be working with the seniors on the concept development of their collections.

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Lisa Z. Morgan is an artist, designer and writer. The subject and object of desire has been a palpable constant within her artistic expression both as a motivation and in its embodiment or articulation. Through her creativity and research Morgan examines how the value of provenance, of rarity and storytelling, puts into question or provokes our understanding and relationship towards desire and the desire impulse. Her focus has been how we may access, stimulate and touch the internal points of registration or the emotional dynamics of bodily perception. In essence she attempts to define and make manifest the feeling of feeling. Her work inhabits a space where art, semiotics, design and fashion intersect. Morgan is the Co-Founder of STRUMPET & PINK and the Co-Founder of The Lavender Hinge. She is the author and creative editor of Design Behind Desire and also a contributor to SHOWstudio and The Laboratory Arts Collective.