Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pink-ness No.6 - a perfume

Pink-ness No.6 by Lisa Z. Morgan, 2001. 14cm x 4cm x 4cm.
Perfume, laboratory glass, handmade box lined with hand dyed 100% pure silk.
Edition of 100

“Pink-Ness No.6”. Edition of 100.  The intention behind communicating pink-ness in a non-visual manner liberated this rosy hue from its more manufactured and debased, exterior, associations, such as Barbie, candy floss and bubble gum. I sensed that an odour could make manifest my feeling of the pink as it has the ability to capture emotion and access the vernacular of bodily or instinctive understanding. Smells pass into and out of our bodies, tracing our internal landscape with their tides.
Spatially, within the scent itself, I wanted there to be tiers of permeating aromatics, so that the scent moved and developed as one engaged with it, shifting with time and temperature. The first intake of breath should have an emergent powdery waft, doused with a heady odour of rose. This more literal association towards pink was a means to disarm, to dilute resistance to the approaching intimate experience. The scent awakens with the temperature of the body and it slowly ascends to a deep and visceral fecund pink. The sexual smell of bodies merging and being sensorially open. One could converge with its fragrance as much in the groin as in the solar plexus. At this point, one no longer thinks of pink ‘things’, rather one comes to know the pink via direct internal experience.

Pink-ness No.6 is currently part of the exhibition Selling Sex at SHOWstudio, London which runs until 1st June.

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